Established in 2015, initiated research & development in 2012 to enhance the reputation in product technology and customer service. Our proven business strategies quash the mediators in a supply chain, to sell products in the direct marketplace with incomparable prices without stealing the quality.


Revolutionize shopping experience by building the gap between the consumer and his desired needs with our well-drafted technology for ingenious products.


Emerging as a professional organization with an upsurge in business expansion and prosperous; our intent is to make our customers elated to justify our caption “Connect & Experience it”.


After 3 years of extensive Research & Development made TACTUS cater exceptional products at competitive prices. With the enormous database and wide market, range TACTUS caters the data of a huge range of computer peripherals, electronic devices, mobile accessories and all types of consumer electronic devices etc.


  • TACTUS is to gratify the needs of consumers. We cope with the product warranty to ensure the credence to our customer, our products are reputable and renowned in the industry.
  • We exhibit most reliable brand manufacturers and our quality analyst ensures the product quality.
  • Our customer testimonials help us to cater recommendations and we implement after the professional advisors.


Managing director of “TACTUS” is into different verticals enthusiastic to furnish quality product and service; to expand his expertise into different verticals. He is the managing director for TACTUS STUDIOS Pvt.Ltd, TSPL held in competition from the past 3 years to carry on business of pre-production visualization, storyboarding designs, develop characters, set designs, environments, backdrop and research for firm and television production and to carry on 2d, 3d, 4d modeling, animation, for visual effects for feature film production, commercial, broadcast television, music video, virtual sets for television and films, music video, motion graphics, movie titles, composing and digital effects for the films and television serials to multinational clients. Our commitment to a quality product with efficient service draws many national and multi-national companies to opt our brand.

We are into different platforms like TACTUS to expand our expertise:

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