TWS Wireless Earbuds (Touch, Black)

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Live life beautiful and unique just like your finger prints. Switch on this fabulous finger print earphone with a single touch.

Versatile Companion

You can connect/disconnect, answer/decline, play/pause, forward and backward music by slightly tapping the earphone with your finger for a second.


It is easy to access having a secured connectivity up to 10meters.


The earphones are charged when you place them on the charging contacts inside the mini trunk.

Mini Trunk

Tiny trunk with a charging port, indicator light and charging contacts. You can charge your earphone placing them in the charging mini trunk.

HD Stereo

HD Stereo earphones play equal crystal-clear sounds independently from each earphone at a time. It makes easy to manage your calls even with one earbud, left or right, with the built-in microphone.

Universal Compatibility

Tactus is unique in its way, without compromise in quality and at par with the present-day digital product.


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