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HD Colorful Touch Screen

Incoming call, SMS, APP message content directly display Remote control taken photos, raising hand directly bright screen

Need engough sleepping,
don't sit too long

Automatically recognize sleep time all day even can monitor the nap. APP helps analyze routines.

20 meters waterproof,
15 days battery life

Fully charged can be used for 15 days. Intimate sedentary reminder, healthy is more important than work.

IP68 Dustproof And Waterproof

Can be used for short time of soaking water. Can be worn for washing hand and taking shower. Smart sports waterproof bracelet.

Switzerland imported sensors | Intelligent calculation

Monitoring your health all the time

Check the current motion status at any time. To avoid over-exercises affect to the body. Smart Sports Steps. Hourly rate monitoring Turn onthe app for the hourly measurement, it will automatically monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen.

Comprehensive Monitor

During the running, you can use the mobile phone app and bracelet to remind you of running speed and heart rate. After running, you can view the running red track records, the kilometers, duration, and speed variation.

Bluetooth 4.0 Supports mainly Android and Bluetooth system phones

Disconnected state can keep 7 days of exercise and sleep data. Device Requirements: Android 4.4. and above, ios8.0 and above, and Bluetooth 4.2|4.1|4.0 smart phone

Sleep monitoring, intelligent wake-up

Sleep monitoring: deep sleep/shallow sleep/sobriety. Intelligent wake-up: it can judge the deep sleep state and wake up in advance.

Skin-friendly material

The strap is used the TPEE material which is skin-friendly material, breathable and sweat-proof which wearing is good.

Continuous heart rate monitoring Realize exercise intensity in real time

Real-time control of the current heart rate range and exercise intensity during exercise, timely control of your physical condition and timely adjustments to help achieve the required sports goals. Heart rate reminds you to reduce the damage to your body caused by excessive exercises.


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